Beloit woman arrested on meth lab charges

GOSHEN TWP. – A Beloit woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon on felony drug charges relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine one day after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charges in Sebring.

Emily L. Duchon, 25, 159 Redwood Drive, was charged with second-degree felony drug abuse, fifth-degree felony illegal manufacturing of drugs and misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments after officers found her and a male companion unresponsive in a vehicle at the Sebring Lake Estates at 8 a.m. Aug. 15.

Beloit EMS responded with Cpl. John Calko and Officer Troy Mackall and found the two only slightly responsive. The driver, identified as Jordan S. Angle, 28, Canton, gave false identification, then fled on foot during the investigation. Due to the suspicious nature of the call, and the Sebring Police Department’s knowledge that both are avid meth abusers, with active warrants against Angle, officers searched the home.

During a search of the home officers discovered a backpack containing a small container with an illegal narcotic in it and a hand bag with seven syringes buried at the bottom of a clothes basket in the living room; and a “straw-like object” next to a razor blade and two glass containers with some aluminum foil, both with white residue on them, as well as a flask containing lighter fluid and an Old Spice bottle cut in half in the kitchen.

Due to neither individual owning the vehicle, it was set to be towed. During an inventory of the vehicle officers discovered a bag with three metal spoons with a narcotic residue under the front passenger seat, a pack of cigarettes with a small plastic bag of methamphetamine and a mirror containing small traces of the substance in the center console and a black bag containing 22 and a half Gabapentin pills in a zip lock bag in the back seat.

The inventory also revealed 14 Olanzapine tablets under the driver side seat and a military style gas mask with a canister attached and a wallet containing personal items of a different person beside it in the back seat. There was also a black bag in the back seat containing an empty sunglasses case with traces of white powder, a bernzomatic torch, pipe cutter, digital scale with traces of white powder, a container of 75 Tizanidine pills prescribed to a registered owner of the vehicle, 48 red and 60 white pseudoephedrinehydrochloride pills and a clear plastic water bottle and a soda bottle, both containing a clear liquid.

Due to various items in the vehicle being toxic and explosive the Portage County Drug Task Force responded to test, secure and clear the scene.

Duchon was arrested at her home on a warrant. A warrant has been issued for Angle’s arrest.

According to online court dockets, Duchon pled guilty to amended misdemeanor charges of possession of drugs and disorderly conduct in Sebring and was fined Aug. 14.