PD complies to councilman’s call for parking enforcement

SALEM-Residents can expect more parking citations from stricter enforcement of the parking laws, in part due to complaints from city Councilman Clyde Brown, according to city Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst.

Several police reports from Wednesday afternoon and evening related to parking problems advised that due to recent complaints for strict parking enforcement, people could expect citations the next time around. Most were given verbal warnings this time.

In one case, an officer on patrol noted he had been advised through an email of a complaint from a councilman of a vehicle always parking on the city right-of-way in the 500 block of North Ellsworth Avenue, in violation of city ordinance. A warning tag was placed on the vehicle which was found parked on the east side of the road on the city right-of-way facing north.

Other reports dealt with vehicles on West Wilson Street and North Lincoln Avenue where there was no parking. In a case on North Lincoln, two vehicles were parked on right-of-way next to a residence and the owners were told to make sure nobody parks vehicles on the curb lawn anymore to avoid a possible parking citation in the future. The resident said they moved the cars to allow access in and out of the garage.

A report on West Wilson Street noted that a trailer was parked near the deadend, with a no parking sign posted at the intersection with Dodge Drive. The owner said it’s his business trailer and the driveway doesn’t leave sufficient space to put the trailer there. He was given a warning and told to make other parking arrangements.

When asked about the stricter enforcement, Kenst referred to an email he received from Brown on Monday regarding various concerns. The email had also been copied to the mayor, the planning and zoning office and the police chief, who forwarded copies to his patrol officers.

Most of the email dealt with parking issues, including one referring to a complaint about a car parking in a paved area in the city right-of-way on North Ellsworth Avenue for a long time, large dump trucks parked on West Wilson Street east of the railroad tracks, cars parking on West Pershing Street east of the railroad tracks (sometimes facing the wrong direction) and a vehicle on Sharp Avenue.

Kenst said they’re trying to warn people. Police have been dealing with parking issues all along, with several warnings and some tickets issued, way before the email was sent this week.

“If it says no parking, don’t park there,” Kenst said.