SCC getting facelift

SALEM- The Salem Community Center is getting a facelift, with the pool area closing for nearly a month starting Monday and the entire facility closing for a week starting Aug. 25.

Plans call for replacement of the deck around all three pools in the SCC Natatorium and expansion of the fitness floor through removal of walls and the repurposing of the natatorium observation area.

SCC Executive Director Heather Young said after 12 years of constant use, the SCC needs revitalized, rejuvenated and refreshed.

“We’re excited for the members to enjoy and use all the new equipment – it’s for the members,” she said regarding the renovation.

The building has never been closed for an extended period of time since first opening, but in an effort to keep the facility looking new and modern, she said they need to shut down for the renovations and for some general maintenance throughout the building. There’s going to be a lot of painting, cleaning and sprucing up.

The fitness floor where members work out will have a new design, an additional 1,000 feet of space and some new equipment purchased through a $13,600 grant from the Pearce Foundation. Taking down the half walls on the northeast corner will create more space for new equipment, along with the building of new walls and windows in the natatorium observation center.

According to a description on the website at under renovations, the work on the fitness floor already started and will be completed during the week the facility is closed. All duct work will be cleaned and painted and a unisex bathroom will be added. The cost of the renovation is $75,000.

Replacement of the pool deck will require demolition of the existing deck and replacement of the deck and drains and installation of new filters. The description of the project noted that the renovation “entails over 4,000 square feet of area to be replaced with a new slip-resistant epoxy Stonhard product. The project will outline all three pools in a flagstone gray color followed by a cobalt blue from the drain to the wall.”

Young said there are a lot of loose and cracked tile. The entire perimeter around the main pool, training pool and spa will be removed and replaced. She said the pool deck renovation is expected to cost $80,000. Both projects will be covered by the endowment fund for capital improvements.

During the renovations, the Center Circle field will remain open for scheduled flag football practices. The entire SCC building will reopen at 6 a.m. Sept. 2.

“This has been in the works since last summer,” she said.

Young gave thanks for all the support from the community and the SCC members, with apologies for any inconvenience the closures may cause. She said they appreciate the support the community and the members give the SCC.

She also said they’re blessed and lucky to have the Salem Community Foundation, endowment fund and the Pearce Foundation to keep the SCC “comtemporary and up with the times.”

The renovation projects to the pool area and fitness floor are separate from plans announced at the beginning of July for construction of a new free standing 27,000-square-foot multiplex building which will include a separate driveway and parking lot, an indoor running track and two full-size basketball courts lined for up to four volleyball courts. Construction is slated to begin sometime this year.