Spoiled food found in delivery truck

SALEM – A truck delivering food to local Asian restaurants was stopped in Lawrence County, Pa. for refrigeration-related health issues after making deliveries to two Salem restaurants earlier on Wednesday.

The truck owned by New Yung Wah, in McKees Rocks, Pa., was pulled over by Mahoning Township police on U.S. Route 422 at about 7 p.m. Wednesday.

According to Youngstown television station WKBN, it was the second time in three months a delivery truck carrying food for local Asian restaurants was stopped and the food was spoiled.

Reports said there were 150 pounds of meat and fish left in the truck when it was pulled over and the temperature was registered at between 58 and 68 degrees.

It is supposed to be frozen.

Ashley McDonald, public information officer with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said Ohio requires the temperature to be at 40-degrees fahrenheit.

She said the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture was the lead investigative agency and the ODA was waiting for a list, which was no completely in English, of all delivery stops.

She said the ODA advised the local health departments.

Deliveries were made to 20 area restaurants including Sunny’s Chinese Restaurant on West State St. and King Buffet in East State St. in Salem and Golden in Columbiana.

Lynn Lin, the manager at the King Buffet said the food is checked and “was all fresh … everytime we receive a delivery it is checked. If not fresh, we never accept.”

She said they pay for it and do not accept it if it’s not fresh.

At Sunny’s, the manager, Chen Gunyoung, said if the food was not fresh it was not accepted.

Columbiana County Health commissioner Wes Vins said there was a total of six restaurants in the county on the delivery list and no food spoilage or problems were encountered.

He said they checked all six restaurants and they provided receipts for food delivered early Wednesday. “There were no late deliveries on Wednesday,” he said.

“We’re pleased how well they’ve cooperated,” he said noting the two restaurants in Salem were under the Salem Health Department.

He said there is a check-in procedure and if something’s wrong, “they’re not going to buy … it’s in their best interest.”

He added, “So far everything’s in compliance … law enforcement did a good job and headed off some potential problems. There are a lot of people working on this to make sure the region is safe because of one truck.”

Mahoning Township motor carrier enforcement made the stop and a similar stop in May that moved the department to buy an infrared thermometer to take the temperature of the food.

WKBN reported the truck was impounded, the drivers released back to the company, the food discarded and the company will receive several motor vehicle violations citations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture said they have had refrigeration issues with the company in the past.

The Allegheny County Health Department inspected the company’s McKees Rocks facility last week and listed a number of violations, including live birds found at the site along with a dead mouse, mice droppings, open bait containers and open dumpster lid.

A call to the environmental director for the Salem Health Department was not returned.