More businesses moving into TownCenter development

COLUMBIANA — More businesses — and a museum — will be moving into the new TownCenter development at Firestone Farms.

The city’s planning commission approved site plan reviews this week for an optometry practice and retail eyewear store owned by Julie Mackall, and an office for Firestone Homestead LLC.

Mackall told the commission she currently practices in Salem and would like to open a new practice at 140 Carriage Drive. The retail store will be at 151 TownCenter Ave.

Jeremy Mackall presented the commission with a site plan for the Firestone Homestead LLC office, which he said will house its sale and leasing operations for the available residential lots. He also said some retail space is available.

Jeremy Mackall is the son of Tom Mackall, the owner of Firestone Homestead LLC, which purchased the property on both sides of state Route 7 and 14 back in 2012 for the major development project.

Julie Mackall is Jeremy’s wife.

Jeremy Mackall said the Firestone office will also serve as the Firestone museum and will feature the World War II anti-aircraft gun made by women of the Firestone company in Akron in 1943.

The company purchased the gun and it was recently delivered to Columbiana for display.

Tom Mackall said after the meeting that other artifacts and pictures will also be on display there.

“It’s going to take a lifetime to really finish the museum, but we are off to a good start. We are really excited about the gun and what it represents, the great accomplishments that the Firestone Company made to support the efforts for World War II,” he said.

The museum will also feature a video of the gun being made, he added.

“We hope to capture that history, the war history and Firestone history, with what we are doing,” he said.

Tom Mackall anticipates the office and museum, as well as Julie Mackall’s businesses, will be open by April.

He said Julie’s space is currently under construction, as well as many other interior spaces in the building.

Those businesses will also be opening in March and April and include include Madison Corners, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and Stone Fruit Coffee Company.

“It should be a fun spring and summer at Firestone Farms,” he said.

Forward progress is also continuing with the property across the street from the TownCenter, which is the Marketplace at Firestone Farms.

Tom Mackall said sanitary sewer service has been successfully connected to the historical Harvey S. Firestone barn and other work is ongoing.