Salem to extend North Ellsworth water line

SALEM — The city Utilities Commission agreed Monday to amend the contract with the North Ellsworth Avenue water main contractor to include installation of 6-inch water line section on 13th Street to eliminate a deadend in the water transmission system.

Currently, the existing 6-inch water main on 13th Street falls almost 400 feet short of North Ellsworth Avenue, with a separate 1-inch line serving that end of the street to the intersection. Plans call for contractor J.S. Bova to extend a 6-inch water line from the new main at the intersection west 390 feet to connect to the existing 6-inch water line on 13th Street.

Utilities Superintendent Don Weingart said the state is urging communities to eliminate deadends in their water systems, which he noted in the meeting agenda would allow for proper water circulation. Commission Chairman Bob Hodgson said doing the project sounded prudent considering the road is already torn up for the North Ellsworth Avenue project. Doing the extension now as part of this project will eliminate having to do it later and cut through a newly paved road.

The city planned the water line project to coincide with this year’s paving project so that the water line replacement from Eighth Street to Bricker Farms Lane is finished before North Ellsworth Avenue is ground down and repaved this fall.

The estimated cost of the work on 13th Street was $52,491, which will be handled as a change order to Bova’s current contract. When asked why the project doesn’t have to be bid separately, since the estimated amount is over $50,000, Weingart said the actual cost could end up less than the estimate, but regardless, it’s part of the original contact that was bid out, with a change order to fix the situation now and prevent the department from having to dig up the street later.

Assistant Utilities Superintendent Matt Hoopes said the city is allowed to extend the project. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency gave its approval for the additional water line extension late last week.

Hoopes explained that the estimated cost for the new work was calculated off of the original bid price sheet.

The original bid price that won J.S. Bova the contract was $615,913.