Bike show set at Power House Cafe Sept. 29

The Power House Cafe (The old Side Door) will hold a bike show from 6 to 10 p.m. Sept. 29 to award trophies in four classes of motorcycles including first, second and third places in best stock, custom, chopper/bobber and rat bikes. Organizer Dwain Kale is pictured with his own award-winning Triumph “Whitewall bike,” and 11 of the 12 custom hand-crafted trophies he made that will be awarded at the Power House bike show. (Salem News photo by Larry Shields)

SALEM — The Power House Cafe will wind down its bike nights with a bike show on Sept. 29.

Also known as the old Side Door, the Power House is located at 530 S. Broadway Ave., and show organizer Dwain Kale said a dozen trophies will be awarded in four categories along with a people’s choice and the largest trophy will be awarded to the best of show.

All makes and models of motorcycles and everyone is welcome.

All the trophies have been hand made by Kale from “old motorcycle parts.”

Motorcycles can be entered in one of four classes including stock, custom, rat bike and bobber/chopper, Kale said, explaining each bike that registers for $1 will be assigned number for the people’s choice bike and the tickets will be dropped in a bag and tabulated at the close of the judging.

The bike night includes a bike rodeo and a “slow race” to see who can go the slowest and farthest without putting a foot on the ground.

The rodeo calls for riders to place golf balls on pylons and keep going. The rider with the most golf balls on the pylons wins.

Kale said the Salem Humane Society has helped by contributing prizes to the weekly bike nights and has been the beneficiary of proceeds from the bi-weekly events.

The Best of Show hand-made trophy includes a blue helmet attached to an old brass lamp with miniature motorcycles set in place on top and on the three light sockets.

Kale said he has over 1,500 miniature motorcycles that he gives away and fashions into trophies.

One trophy for the bike show is a helmet cut in half, another is a miniature motorcycle atop a piston, another is made from an old motorcycle carburetor and another from a seat spring and a primary cover.

“Just old parts that I have lying around,” he said.

There will be a first, second and third place trophy awarded in the four classes.

Kale also has hand-made David Mann “Easy Rider” magazine motorcycle artwork that he fashions into slate wall pieces that have been awarded.

“I take the centerspreads and place it on slate to be hung on a wall,” he said.

For more information, call 330-332-3338.