Columbiana Schools superintendent confident about state report cards

COLUMBIANA — Only a few days ahead of the release of the state report cards, Columbiana Superintendent Don Mook is confident his district will fare in the top rankings among the county.

“I think we will be at the top of the list. I’m pretty confident of the job we’ve done and continue to do,” he said.

Mook presented preliminary report card data for the district to the board of education on Tuesday. The Ohio Department of Education is expected to release final report card data for all districts on Thursday.

According to the preliminary results, Columbiana has a 100 percent graduation rate and an overall B grade for the district.

The district earned an A grade in math and reading, and students with disabilities also earned an overall A grade, according to the results.

Referring to the state’s changing and somewhat stringent requirements, Mook said that he doesn’t anticipate many districts earning A and B grades overall.

“I feel pretty comfortable where we are. Overall I feel like our staff did a tremendous job,” he said.

He and board of education president Scott Caron were displeased that charter schools are not held to the same standards as public schools.

They said that public schools must be accountable to the taxpayers for how money is being spent while charter and online schools are not held to that same standard.

“There is no accountability. You won’t see these measurements from ECOT (Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow), from charter schools. Public schools are accountable,” Mook said.

Mook has repeatedly said over the last several months that he is not pleased with how school choice works and believes that public schools are getting the short end of the stick.

“I think public schools are doing some of the best work out there right now. Speaking from a public school standpoint, we are doing everything we can do to be accountable to the students and the families in this community,” he said.