Home Street widening project will finally be completed in Oct.

LEETONIA — The Home Street widening project will finally be completed next month, but the exact date is still unknown.

Village Administrator Gary Phillips reported to village council this past week that two tentative dates were set at a recent pre-construction meeting. The project will either be completed the week of Oct. 10 or the week of Oct. 24. The date of the project will be announced closer to the time it will begin, he said.

The project will make it easier for trucks to access the Mitsubishi plant on Cherry Fork Avenue north of the intersection and include a complete upgrade with a concrete approach, new curbing and a catch basin. The intersection will be widened for approximately 30 to 40 feet north of Columbia Street.

The construction will close Home Street to local traffic for approximately six days and can be reopened 24 hours after it is complete.

If construction is the week of Oct. 10, the roadway will reopen Oct. 16; if it is the week of Oct. 24, it will reopen Oct. 30. Columbia Street will remain open with only minor restrictions.

Phillips said the project will be coordinated with Mitsubishi’s delivering schedule to limit the amount of trucks on other roadways. He said the village will also attempt to be as accommodating as possible for residents in the immediate area of the project.

In addition to the widening at the intersection, due to the increase in cost of pavement, the project will include concrete further north on Home Street. Phillips said since the two materials are approximately the same cost now, the part of the roadway that would have been paved can now be concreted, which has a longer life expectancy

Village Council started discussing the project in 2013 due to damage to the curb lawn and strain on the sanitary sewer on the northeast corner and has been working to secure funding ever since. The total cost is estimated at $69,969.

The Columbiana County Port Authority, which owns the land on which the plant sits, has committed $5,000 to the project while Mitsubishi has donated $2,500. CDBG funds total $58,500. The village is responsible for the rest.