Salem-area woman gets prison for selling counterfeit drugs

LISBON — A Salem-area woman was sentenced to nine months in prison for selling counterfeit substances while feeding her own addiction.

Ashley Goudy-Mehno, 29, Goshen Road, Salem, appeared before Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike on Monday.

Goudy-Mehno’s defense attorney, Jennifer Gorby, said her client’s life went into a tailspin in 2015 as she struggled with problems with addiction. The charge she was being sentenced for on Monday, trafficking in counterfeit controlled substance, occurred on June 16, 2015. She pleaded guilty to the charge in January.

“The offense she is charged with was due to actions which occurred over two years ago,” Gorby said. “She sold a fake substance to another individual to fuel her own addiction.”

Gorby continued that Goudy-Mehno wanted to get her life back on track.

However, Columbiana County is not the only place she has been in trouble with her addiction. Assistant County Prosecutor Tammie Riley Jones said the defendant currently is believed not to be compliant for probation she is currently on in Fairfield County, which is southeast of Columbus.

Goudy-Mehno explained her reason for non-compliance is homelessness. She was released to her biological father, but he died two days later. Therefore she no longer has any connections in Fairfield County or the Lancaster area to find a place to live. However, she claimed she called her probation officer in Fairfield County from the county jail on Monday morning so he would know where she is. Gorby requested Pike consider placing her at the Eastern Ohio Corrections Center where she can “reset her life path.”

However, Pike went with the recommendation of Jones, sentencing her to the nine-month sentence with credit for 91 days already served. Pike further ordered her to pay $100 in restitution to the county drug task force and urged her to come out of prison with a better life plan.