Beloit residents will determine police levy renewal, council seats

BELOIT–Residents in Beloit will be deciding on a police levy renewal and five council seats.

Voters are being asked to renew a 6-mill police protection levy for five years commencing with the tax year 2017. The levy generates $49,041 annually and will not increase taxes.

According to Mayor Eric Augustein, the money generated by the levy can only be used for police contracts and expenses the contracted police department incurs on behalf of the village.

Currently the village contracts with the Goshen Police District at $29,520 annually. There are still two optional years left on the contract.

The village had been paying $39,486 to the Goshen Police District and was looking at an increase to $40,000 in 2015, but sought a contract at a lesser cost from Smith Township, who offered protection for $30,000 annually for three years. Goshen Township countered with the current contract.

Augustein said the renewal allows the levy valuations to stay at “more current property valuations.”

“Voting in favor of the police renewal levy will allow us to continue to fiscally manage the taxes the taxpayer entrusts us with,” he explained.

For council, voters will be selecting four from Sherry L. Augestine, Church Street; Rodney L. Sturms, Main Street; Matt R. Hutton, Fairview Drive; Ronald Armitage, Main Street; and Chelsea Cappa, Main Street for council. Debra Gabrelcik, Fifth Street, is running unopposed for an unexpired term.

The Salem News did not receive a response to an election questionnaire from any of the Beloit council candidates.