Despite some numbers on state report card, Columbiana County Career Center holding own

LISBON — Although the high school report card for the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center was not what school officials would like to see in some areas, Director/Assistant Superintendent Jeremy Corbisello said the school is holding its own when compared to larger career centers with more resources.

The CCCTC scored a 65.9 percent D on the technical skill attainment section of the test. That was an improvement from the 58.5 percent F the school received last year. Out of all the career and technical high school programs in Ohio, only 3.3 percent received an A in the area of technical skill attainment.

Corbisello noted the staff is very committed to helping students obtain their industry credentials and achieve in the classroom as well.

The CCCTC received a 42.2 percent C in the area of prepared for success, which denotes the number of students obtaining honors diplomas, industry credentials and taking the ACT or SAT. That was double the score from last year’s 20.6 percent D and Corbisello said a C was the highest score any career center achieved across the state.

Each category has a different grading scale, which is why 42.2 percent can be a C in one category and 65.9 a D in another.

In five other areas, the CCCTC achieved an A — four-year graduation rate, five-year graduation rate, graduation component grade, post-program placement grade and post-program placement component. The post-program placement grade notes that of students graduating from the CCCTC in 2016 by May 2017 93.6 percent of these students were either working, attending college, learning in an apprenticeship program, studying at an adult technical program or in the military.

In other matters:

— The board approved acceptance of a Small Rural School Achievement Program (REAP) grant in the amount of $46,687.

— The board looked at an approved the fundraising and expense budgets for various student clubs for the career center this upcoming year.

— Adkins announced while the building project is not completed, he is happier with the front entrance open concept. In the event students would need to be quickly evacuated from the building, the new open patio area allows for a better flow of a quick-moving crowd.

— Treasurer Katherine Mihalich reported the auditors just checked to make certain pensions contributions were being handled properly and they found no problems.

— The board approved Connie Hoppel as a licensed substitute; employed Morgan Dailey, RN, and Karen Golba, RN, as adult education instructors; and adjusted the contract hours of Emily Kellison, RN, from 950 to 1,400 hours. The board also accepted donations of steel drops from Steelcon in New Waterford,and Pattern Metals in Macedonia.

— The school’s five-year forecast continues to show a carryover balance of at least $3 million through fiscal year 2022.