Instructors use simple props to demonstrate program at CCCTC

LISBON — Using simple props like a watermelon filled with yogurt, two instructors from the adult Licensed Practical Nursing program at the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center demonstrated how they operate their program.

The CCCTC’s LPN program took on 72 new students this fall. Instructors Nina DeLullo and Brenda Rose showed the board the proper tracheotomy suctioning techniques being shown to students in the program.

DeLullo noted by using the watermelon and yogurt, students get the actual sounds and feel for how far to insert the catheter.

“If they are enjoying what they are learning then they will remember it,” Rose said of the use of inexpensive props to allow students to practice skills such as suctioning and removing stitches from pool noodles and sausages.

Students in the program go from station to station and are working on many of their labs now so that when they go out into the community to do their clinicals they are already familiar and have tried many of the skills they will need to perform.

“All of our skill labs are interactive,” DeLullo said, “hands on interactive experiences.”

Students start with basic hand hygiene and preparing the equipment for use before practicing the skills. With so many students in the labs these days, getting the skills set up to allow a smooth flow from station to station is important so everyone has a chance to work on each of the skills.