United Local residents invited to share ideas

HANOVERTON — United Local community members are invited to share their ideas with the school board and administration.

Community members are encouraged to attend an informational meeting at 6 p.m. Monday in the high school auditorium to learn about becoming key communicators. As a key communicator, residents can interact with the school board and administration to share their concerns and ideas, then relay their discussions with other members of the community.

Schools Superintendent Lance Hostetler, who took over the district in August, said he is offering the key communicator program after reviewing past agendas of the former superintendent advisory council and discussing with other superintendents ways to communicate with the public.

“The idea is to get community members together as a group to discuss issues they feel are important,” he explained. “The main difference (from the superintendent advisory committee) is to listen to the community’s concerns and then form subcommittees to address those issues.”

Hostetler said issues could be anything from community activities to education to facilities.

“It’s a chance for the community to let us know what they are interested in,” he said.

Meetings for key communicators will be held every one to two months, with meetings planned in November, January, March and May, or as needed. Key communicators are asked to share information from their meetings with other members of the community.

“In this age of misinformation, we’re offering information straight from the administration to help spread the word,” Hostetler said. “I think, especially in [United’s] situation, we are the center of the community and we need to bridge that gap (between the school and the community).

“The school is not only providing skills the students need to succeed worldwide, but skills to help make this community better.”

According to Hostetler, the board and administration’s ability to work with and listen to community members can best serve all stakeholders.

“The administration can listen to the community and provide a chance for us to be mutually beneficial,” he noted.

For information about the key communicator program or for those who cannot attend the meeting Monday, contact Hostetler at lance.hostetler@united.k12.oh.us.