Getting into the holiday spirit

Attorney Fred Naragon operates a train on his vast outlay Sunday at his law office in downtown Salem. (Salem News photo by J.D. Creer)
Color-coordinated Burchfield Museum director and curator Janice Yereb discusses Christmas trees with guests. (Salem News photo by J.D. Creer)
Storybook Museum director emeritus Elizabeth Thatcher expresses awe while viewing holiday treasures on display Sunday at the museum located in the Kent State Salem City Center. (Salem News photo by J.D. Creer)

“Trains, Trees and Treasures” was held Sunday in Salem: “Trains” at Attorney Fred Naragon’s office; “Trees” at the Charles E. Burchfield Museum; and, “Treasures” at the Salem Storybook Museum. In this photo, shown admiring the wonders of a vast, holiday-themed train outlay is 7-year-old Megan Zepernick of Damascus. (Salem News photo by J.D. Creer)