NW council accepts Dollar General’s figures

NEW WATERFORD — Council passed a resolution accepting Dollar General’s accounting figures in a statewide appeal by the company regarding the way payroll income tax deductions are made. Mayor Shane Patrone said difference for New Waterford amounted to one dollar less that will be collected.

“What we’ll do is say we agree with Dollar General’s figures … we’ll OK it.”

He said resolution will cover 2016.

“We’ll go ahead and let them know we accept their numbers,” Patrone said, explaining the amount could be much more in areas that have a number of the stores.

In other business, Patrone said he expects a number of issues to be dealt with legislatively in December including the acceptance of an updated version of the recycling agreement it has with the CCH (Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison counties) Environmental Group.

The drop-off point in the village is located at the garage at 46834 Taylor St.

Patrone also said there will be changes for updating the income tax and there will be “no changes in the amounts,” and that he and Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle are looking at the energy aggregation contracts in preparation for possible action next May.

That would be regarding options for a percentage and fixed rate amounts.

Village Administrator Jason Gorby said the first phase of the waterline replacement project started and the prime contractor, Marucci and Gaffney Excavating, has been “making pretty good progress.”

He explained the company is putting water lines in and will test them first before going back and hooking them up to the individual residences.

“It’s going to be a slow process,” Gorby said.

He also noted the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was in town to start the approval process on a new well site, and operations at the sewer plant have been good.

Gorby added that the No. 1 clarifier was repaired, the chemical treatment season concluded, and the installation of a new sewer line on state Route 46 started.

In the street department, Gorby said the red dump truck was repaired under warranty last week but will be returned today “to repair the same issue for a third time … for the same problem.”

He added, “Hopefully we’ll get that issue resolved before winter comes.”

In response to a question about road salt, Gorby said there is plenty that will “last a couple of months.”

He explained they are not using aggregate or a grit mixture on the streets because it’s so hard on the drains.

“It cleans up easier in the summer without grit,” he said.

The department is also prepping the Christmas decorations.

“We tested all the light bulbs,” he said.