Ohio auditor eliminates accounting fee for year

Salem Township and county engineer crews worked to improve safety at the Grafton Road and old state Route 344 intersection last month. Trustee John Wilms said he received “many, many” calls regarding northbound motorists on Grafton Road not stopping at the intersection. The day after trustees discussed the issue at the Oct. 11 meeting, county and township crews moved to improve the intersection. The county added a second “Stop” sign on the left in the photo and the township installed a cautionary stop ahead sign on the hill 600 feet before the intersection. Township road employees painted a white “stop bar” on the pavement in front of Constable Dan Valentine and his police vehicle indicating where motorists must stop. Valentine said many motorists failed to stop until they were almost in the intersection. (Salem News photo by Larry Shields)

FRANKLIN SQUARE — When Salem Township trustees met on Oct. 25, Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms advised that state auditor Dave Yost was giving a year-long surcharge fee holiday for government entities.

Yost said in a news release that nearly 2,000 clients of the Uniform Accounting Network will not be required to pay the $50 monthly fee for hardware maintenance for the next year(2018) because the auditor’s office was able to obtain prices below what was anticipated through competitive bidding.

“Saving a township, village, library or other government clients $600 a year may not sound like much to some people, but I’ve witnessed how far local officials can stretch a buck, and $600 will be put to good use across this state,” Yost said.

“That $600 can be used to pay a bill, make a repair, buy a piece of office equipment, some books or other supplies. I’d rather keep the $600 in the bank accounts of the local communities than send it to the state.”

Wilms said the amount saved is more than what office supplies cost the township for the year.

In other business, trustees discussed the stop sign that Trustee John Wilms mentioned during the Oct. 11 meeting when he said he had received “many, many” calls on the Grafton Road and old state Route 344 intersection heading into Leetonia.

Northbound traffic on Grafton Road was failing to stop and Trustee Ray Heddleson said it’s because motorists can see so far around the bend.

Wilms said one person suggested placing a line at the sign to indicate where motorists have to stop and Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin said he could do that while noting the stop sign belonged to the county.

Cathy Wilms said that the next morning, on Oct. 12, the county engineer installed an additional stop sign and township Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin painted a white “stop bar” onto the pavement to indicate where motorists must stop.

“John directed the two township employees to paint it,” Cathy Wilms said.

Valentine said the township also installed a caution “Stop Ahead” sign on Grafton Road, 600 feet before the intersection, where motorists come over the hill at the beginning of the cemetery.

“We wanted to try and give them an advance notice that there’s a stop sign ahead,” he said.

“We’re making every safety precaution we can,” Valentine said.

In other business, trustees instructed the road supervisor to speak with Glenn Fry about a water issue at Grafton Estates and to someone else about a driveway culvert regarding a new house on Grafton Road.

Trustees also directed the road crew to finish up mowing, secure the mower for winter storage and prepare the trucks for winter road maintenance, both performance-wise and in appearance.