School board aims to arm staff


HANOVERTON –The United Local school board this week unanimously approved a resolution authorizing selected employees to possess firearms on school premises and designated safety zones.

According to schools Superintendent Lance Hostetler, the resolution provides the authorization to create a committee to investigate the possibility of allowing employees to carry firearms and no action has been taken yet to approve the use of firearms by anyone at the campus.

In a press release regarding the issue, Hostetler said the board adopted the public resolution because it “takes the safety of our children and staff very seriously.”

“We believe that school safety can be dramatically enhanced by allowing certain trained individuals to possess and carry concealed firearms while on duty,” he said. “Our goal is to make our campus as safe as possible for the students and staff and this adds one more deterrent and response to the many safety protocols that we have instituted.”

The committee that will study the issue will include administrators, staff, community members and board representatives who will examine and make guidelines to the selection of candidates, beginning and ongoing training requirements and updated safety plans in consultation with local police and other emergency responders.

Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Hostetler at 330-223-1521.

In other business, the board approved an intramural Ping Pong Club, with logistics and membership details to be ironed out by the volunteer advisor. While interest expressed has been primarily among junior high students, the club would also be open to high school students.

The board also accepted donations of $80 anonymously for the Ruriteens, $300 from Ohio Distribution of Ruritan to the Ruriteens,$21 from the Jerry and Jodi Briceland to the Freshman class, $60 from the High School Principal Food Drive to the Ruriteens, $20 from Karrie Varagliotti to the Community Outreach program, $400 altogether from Mary VanBuren ($50), Krista Fitch ($100), Queen Club ($50) and Lori Conser ($200) to the Community Outreach program, $200 from Phillips Christian Church to the Community Outreach program, $100 from Theresa DiAntonio to the Community Outreach program, $100 anonymously in memory of Martha Faloon to the Athletic Department, $50 from Shannon Clunen to the Community Outreach program, $50 from Melissa Baker to the Community Outreach program, $384 from High School and Junior High School administration and teachers to the Community Outreach program and $500 from Phillips Christian Church to the Backpack program for Community Outreach.

The organizational meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 10 in the high school library, followed by the regular monthly meeting.