HIV positive woman pleads guilty to assault on 9 men

LISBON — An HIV positive woman pleaded guilty to felonious assault in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court on Monday for having unprotected sex with multiple partners without disclosing her condition.

Lisa Mutter, 42, formerly of Benton Road, Salem, agreed to plead to the second-degree felony charge before Judge Scott Washam.

Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble said at the time of sentencing he will ask for a three-year term and recommend judicial release after two years. Mutter is facing up to eight years and a fine of $15,000. Sentencing is scheduled for March 22.

When asked by Washam during the plea hearing if she was taking any medications, Mutter said she is currently using the medication both for her HIV and bipolar. She also is attending counseling in the New Castle, Pa., area.

Starting in May and continuing through July 2014, Mutter, a carrier of HIV which causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), engaged in sexual conduct with about nine men, according to court documents. She did not disclose her condition to any of them.

Mutter is also facing a similar felonious assault charge in Trumbull County for unprotected sex without disclosing her condition starting in November 2015 and continuing until early February 2016. She lists her address in that court as Pulaski, Pa. A Jan. 24 pretrial is scheduled in that case.