Two votes needed for council president

COLUMBIANA — Council had to cast votes twice Tuesday night on two separate appointments.

Dick McBane was appointed president of council and Rick Noel was appointed to serve on the planning commission as a council representative following the votes.

McBane was appointed president after the second round of voting when Councilman Rick Noel switched his vote in order to have a majority.

Noel had originally voted for Dan Bekar as president, while council members Ted Souder, Skip Liston, and Crystal Siembida-Boggs cast votes for McBane.

McBane and Bekar abstained from the vote.

With only three votes for McBane, no one was appointed in the first round due to a lack of majority.

As a result, Noel said he would switch his vote.

Council also lacked a majority vote for the first vote to appoint a council member to serve on the planning commission.

In the first round of voting Bekar moved to appoint Noel to serve while McBane moved to appoint Liston.

McBane and Boggs originally voted for Liston while Souder and Bekar voted for Noel, and Noel also voted for himself.

With only three votes in favor of Noel, another vote was needed to have a majority.

Noel was appointed in the second round of voting after McBane switched his vote.

Council members are allowed to cast votes for themselves to serve on volunteer boards as long as there is no direct personal benefit of serving on the board or commission.

Noel has already served on the planning commission.

Council also appointed Bekar and Souder to serve on the volunteer firefighters dependents fund.