Mayor wants to keep track of Leetonia equipment

LEETONIA — Mayor Kevin Siembida has proposed an equipment maintenance program.

Among many projects proposed to village council last week, the maintenance schedule will help council better monitor the equipment and when items need replaced, Siembida said. The schedule will be digitized, making it easier to follow and stay on top of needed replacements, he said.

During a committee meeting to share numerous projects for the village, Siembida also noted a number of pieces of equipment that need replaced or added to the fleet. The equipment includes a zero turn mower, a tractor with a 4,000-pound rating for the street department and parks, a reach-out mower and a pickup truck for the utilities department that can also be used for plowing snow. Superintendent of Utilities Butch Donnalley said the current fleet of utilities department pickups are growing old, with the newest a 2012 model; and the current tractor for mowing is not powerful enough to use an attachment for reach-out mowing.

Siembida noted council needs to decide whether to purchase a reach-out mower or contract with someone for mowing of the creek through town. Donnalley added that the purchase of a reach-out mower can also be used for roadside brush trimming.

In addition to replacing equipment, Siembida also told council there is a need to address scrap and excess equipment. He said an inventory needs made with an eye toward selling or scrapping the equipment this spring.

The village administration is seeking estimates for each of the pieces of equipment, Siembida said.

Equipment maintenance is not the only area the mayor is addressing.

During the meeting Siembida also reported the lease agreement for Bricker Well is good through 2060. The well is part of previous tests for a new water source for the village that would enable the village to build a new water plant to supply its own water to customers instead of relying on Salem, as is the current situation.

Siembida also noted a new water transition line will be needed under the creek if a new water plant is pursued. He said a water shut off valve has already been installed.

Other projects include:

–Flushout the water distribution system, planned for this spring and waiting on the replacement of a pressure reduction valve on the village’s south side

–Replacement of garage doors at the street department, since the doors are the original ones installed in 1975 when the garage was built. Estimates are being collected for the doors, Siembida said.

–Bridges at the coke ovens, the wooden ones between the trenches are narrow and non-handicap accessible, according to councilman Bill Merdich. Siembida said council needs to seek design plans and appropriate funding for the project.

–Housing developments, going in at Woods Boulevard and Orchard Hill. Siembida said building permits and zoning has been turned over to Zoning Inspector Bill Pitts for review.