Soggy Salem Township

This latest bout with rain was the second time Lisbon-Canfield Road, between state Route 344 and old state Route 558, was closed off since Salem Township trustees voted to no longer use the cautionary “High Water” signs. Because of safety to motorists and liability issues, trustees decided to close the section of road — which is prone to flooding — off completely when it is overrun with water. Shown here, Constable Dan Valentine measured the depth near the road edge on Saturday and has been keeping an eye out for people going around the “Road Closed” signs at each end of the section. He said people still try driving through it despite being unable to see where the road is. He said people had gotten stuck and have had to be towed out. He added that there is no telling what is on the road that could have floated out of the Little Beaver Creek that runs alongside the road. In the short time he was evaluating and measuring the water, two southbound motorists, who had driven around the “Road Closed” sign at state Route 344, approached the flooded area, spotted Valentine’s police vehicle and quickly reversed course. More rain is forecast for Monday. (Salem News photos by Larry Shields)