Lincoln Day Dinner in Salem

Former White House strategist speaks to Columbiana County Republicans

Former Trump White House strategist and frequent FoxNews contributor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, left, poses for a photo with Salem residents Rose and George Corl at the Columbiana County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner Monday night at the Timberlanes Complex in Salem. Gorka signed autographs and talked with attendees before delivering the keynote address. (Salem News photo by Mary Ann Greier)

SALEM — Former White House strategist and Trump deputy assistant Dr. Sebastian Gorka said his former boss is like an icebreaker ship, smashing a path through an ice-blocked channel, coming into a country frozen over from years of political correctness.

He urged the crowd at the Columbiana County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner to become like the flotilla of ships that follows behind the icebreaker so the channel doesn’t close back up behind it.

“It is our responsibility to help this man finish the job. We must support him,” Gorka said.

As the keynote speaker at the event which attracted 500 GOP supporters to the Timberlanes Complex and another 150 at a private reception at the home of Bob and Linda Sebo, he shared what he knew about the president, how politics changed the night of that election and how those supporting the president must do their part.

He suggested becoming part of local politics, pushing back against the lies by tweeting what’s true and if not on Twitter already, go home and open an account. He also touched on what happened in the House on Monday regarding the Russian collusion investigation related to the election.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and nationally recognized military and intelligence analyst, speaks to the Columbiana County GOP faithful about his former boss, even taking a selfie of himself and the crowd that he planned to send to the president. After the dinner, he was set to appear live on the Sean Hannity show on Fox. (Salem News photo by Mary Ann Greier)

“Congress today shut it down. They said there’s no evidence of collusion,” he said.

About 30 minutes after his speech ended, he planned to go live on Sean Hannity’s show on FoxNews regarding what happened. Columbiana County Republican Party Chairman David Johnson noted that Gorka had been exchanging texts with Hannity all night. Gorka also took questions from the crowd, saying it’s “impossible to predict” what’s going to happen during the talks with North Korea, saying it’s dependent on the involvement of China and how much North Korea lies. Another person asked if the end was coming for sanctuary cities, with Gorka saying “action is going to be taken.”

Another person asked about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Gorka defended him, saying he has the toughest job in America right now.

Back to what he knows about the president, he said if anybody wants to know what he’s like in private, they already know because he’s exactly what he’s like in public.

Just decisiveness and excellence, a pragmatist and a patriot who loves this country.

Columbiana County Republican Party Chairman David Johnson introduces elected officials and special guests, including four members of the Ohio Supreme Court, during the well-attended Lincoln Day Dinner. The event drew a crowd of 500 to the Timberlanes Complex and another 150 for a private reception at the home of Bob and Linda Sebo to greet guest speaker Dr. Sebastian Gorka. (Salem News photo by Mary Ann Greier)

“Never lose faith because this man will never give up,” Gorka said.

He explained that politics has changed for good and everyone needs to realize that. Trump became president “despite the establishment GOP, not thanks to it. Sometimes you gotta go into the temple and turn over some tables.”

Johnson said Gorka was a big draw. He always tries to get a national figure to the Lincoln Day Dinner and this was a speaker who was a great draw. Past speakers have included people like Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, former judge Jeanine Pirro, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and conservative columnist Michelle Malkin.

One detractor showed up outside with a sign. Ryan Elick of East Palestine, who’s a junior philosophy student at Youngstown State University, held up a sign that said “fake PhD” regarding Gorka and said he was there as a concerned citizen. He called Gorka a phony who’s no expert at all.

Gorka’s biographical information included his experience as a teacher regarding counterterrorism and as a nationally recognized authority on issues of national security and irregular warfare such as terrorism. His latest book, “Defeating Jihad — the Winnable War,” was a bestseller.