Salem Twp. trustees OK purchase of road materials

FRANKLIN SQUARE — Salem Township trustees approved the purchase of 1,200 tons of material for chip and seal work for $28,580 and $14,000 to have it trucked to the township during Tuesday’s meeting.

The chip and seal materials will be purchased from Lafarge in Cleveland while Ed Wilson Trucking of New Springfield will haul the materials to the township.

“He can get it here before we need it,” said Trustee Chairman John Wilms, who noted Salem Township was first township on the Columbiana County engineer’s chip and seal schedule this year.

Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin said there was a lot of berm work to do before the chip and sealing begins and Wilms said, “We’re out of time.”

Entrikin said they were trying to get patching done but had encountered problems with the patching machines. He said Salem-Grange Road was the worst of the roads needing to have berm work done.

Trustees again discussed picnic tables for the Salem Township Heritage Day Park.

Entrikin was checking pricing on an option he was pursuing, but the vendor didn’t get back to him.

“I told him if he had them, we’d probably buy 10 of them,” Entrikin said and Wilms asked, “Is it worthwhile to wait till another meeting?”

“As long as it doesn’t snow,” Entrikin said and Trustee Bill Heston said, “If we get a price, we can move on it.”

Entrikin said, “I’ll get back with him.”

Entrikin also mentioned the township cleanup will be held April 12-14 for household items and tires that can be dropped off at the township equipment storage station on old state Route 344.

In other business, Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said correspondence was received from the county engineer regarding the road line striping program, the first quarter fire report was received from the Leetonia Fire Department and a Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority grant for $500 was received.

Wilms also said they received a notice from the Columbiana County Board of Elections promoting the role of government employees as poll workers, and First Energy Solutions advised them its government aggregation was not part of the bankruptcy filing for First Energy.

Wilms said a representative wanted to attend a meeting regarding the issue.

Constable Dan Valentine said he attended a county-sponsored intervention program that provided options for law enforcement personnel who respond to people with mental issues, illnesses and who may be contemplating harming themselves.

“It was to help them find the right resources,” Valentine said, noting that many times for police the options are either the hospital or jail.

“This gave us more training,” he said and it provided referrals “to better serve people in a crisis.” He said it was the first 40-hour training course in the county.

Also, in other business, Entrikin asked if there was a policy or procedure regarding renting out the pavilion in the Heritage Day Park.

“A procedure to rent it out? Schedule, or something?”

Heston said, “We’re going to have to do something because someone might want to use it for a family reunion” and Cathy Wilms said they needed information if there was damage at the pavilion.

Trustee Wilms said, “We do need some sort of permission slip” and asked Green Township Trustee Dave Slagle, a meeting guest, what they do about Coy Park in Green Township.

Slagle listed rental prices and added, “We have a list of rules” and noted the pavilions are all locked up unless they’re rented.

Wilms said, “Ours is open, you can drive in anytime you want.”

Entrikin suggested a way of keeping track of who uses it and Valentine noted it was “free to the public” and wondered about a conflict, if someone signed up to use it and someone else was there at the same time.

Wilms suggested spelling that out on signs, “By appointment only.”

Trustees also amended the wording in the clothing allowance resolution to allow all articles of clothing and not just pants as was stated in the original.