Sebring sophomore starts business offering Legacy Books for families


SEBRING — A Sebring High School sophomore, Carson Rouse, co-founded his own business called Legacy Book that is on the web at

Legacy Book is a customized hard-backed book created about each customer’s life.

With his father, Rob, and older brother, Robbie Jr., Rouse said the idea came up last November.

“They were pretty interested too,” he said and explained the basic idea occurred to him.

“I just kind of thought that after we’re gone that we’re forgotten so quickly. This was a way basically to pass down the important things about a person.”

He related his owns thoughts regarding grandparents .

“We didn’t know the important things about them that could be passed down, their legacy,” Rouse said.

His father said, “He has worked countless hours for over six months on a business idea he came up with and he has now just launched.

“He has put his own money into this and I think it’s pretty remarkable what he has achieved and I truly believe his business could be a huge success.”

Carson, who turns 16 on Wednesday, is the chief operating officer for Legacy Book and is a wide receiver/line backer for the Trojans football team.

He is also enrolled next year in the business and marketing program at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center in Canfield for his junior year.

Rouse said that since last November, “… other than school and sports, I have spent countless hours on making this a reality.”

He added, “I not only have months invested in this business but also my own money. Basically all of my money, so I really hope I succeed.”

Rouse is the CEO and older brother Robbie, 19, is vice president/CTO and a freshman majoring in computer science major at the University of Akron, while his father heads manufacturing relations.

Carson said, “Robbie does a lot of stuff for the website coding” and his father handles “lots of manufacturing relationships, keeping in touch with them and helped with the questionnaire.”

And the questionnaire is central to the procedure.

People begin on the website and fill out a detailed questionnaire.

There are nine chapters to fill out in any amount of detail they want about childhood, love and marriage, work and career and passions and pastimes, and one photo per chapter can be uploaded, Carson explained.

“It takes less than an hour,” he said and points out that Legacy Book is the only online “customized” product on the market.

“The chapters are already laid out and, depending on the chapter, there can be 10 to 20 questions,” he said, “and you can expand on each chapter.”

Each chapter is about five pages or less, he said. Once completed, the customer submits it and it takes about three weeks for the hard-backed book to be returned.

The woman behind the three entrepreneurs is wife and mother, Rachel.

“I think it’s wonderful. I think it’s a great idea. It’s something I would do. It’s kind of a special, the things you leave behind, it’s impressive to see,” she said.

“I’m just very proud of them,” she added.

Rob Rouse Sr. said, “We all believe in what Carson has done and with his great idea, quality website, quality product and the marketing plan he has in place, Legacy Book has a real chance to be something special.”

He added, “It is the perfect gift for your children and grandchildren.”

For more information visit: and there is an “about us” section on his drop down menu, or on Facebook.