A lifetime of sewing leads to custom clothing venture

Jennifer A. Adams is the owner of Lucky 7 Studios Custom Clothing and Design that opened just over a week ago at 1894 Newgarden Road. Adams designs custom clothing, quilts and home decor and says she’s the answer to mall and online shoppers who constantly wind up with clothes that don’t fit. She holds two degrees from the University of Akron but has sewn all her life and is pictured here with two button-up shirts she designed and made. “I can make anything,” she said. (Salem News photo by Larry Shields)

SALEM — Jennifer A. Adams calls herself a mother, artist, small-town farmer, designer, seamstress, Red Cross volunteer, researcher and a member of the American Society for Public Administration.

But she’s been sewing all her life and has now turned her love for designing custom clothing into a business.

Lucky 7 Studios Custom Clothing and Design is located at 1894 Newgarden Road (state Route 9), on the corner at Stewart Road.

Adams opened her business just over a week ago, and while it may not be the definitive use of her bachelor’s degree in emergency management or master’s degree in public administration, both from the University of Akron, she’s working in her sweet spot.

Don’t ask her how she got into it.

At work in her Lucky 7 Studios Custom Clothing and Design, Jennifer A. Adams will make the pattern, purchase the materials if needed, and sew the customer-aided design work together. Turn around time is anywhere from one to three weeks depending on supplies and materials. Adams said Lucky 7 Studio can make anything. (Salem News photo by Larry Shields)

“I’ve sewed all my life and have done fashion design,” she said.

It goes all the way back to grandma.

“Grandma made me an apron, but I didn’t have a pattern from it,” Adams explained. “Then I altered it a little and made it out of muslin and this is what I did this morning, so I’ll make another. Bring me your materials and I can make a pattern. I can make it from that.”

What she does is basically “Made in the USA” work that involves art and design, along with the experienced and crafted hand work she applies.

She asked, “Do you know how many hours go into a quilt?”

Then answered her own inquiry.

“It varies. Custom made quilts can take 15 to 20 hours,” she said, adding she also makes wedding dresses, household decor like pillows and custom-made clothing including button-up shirts.

“If you’re a mall shopper or online shopper, what I do is made to fit. You’re going to save money by not buying clothes that may not fit right,” she said. “I can do anything and if not, I will find someone who can. I’ve been sewing since I was 5 or 6 at Massillon Christian School. My grandmother taught me.”

She also studied for two years in fine arts with the Masters Arts Academy.

The work turnaround time “depends on when I get the material … if I buy, it takes two to three weeks.” Turnaround time with materials and supplies is about a week.

She will design and construct square quilts, T-shirt quilts and memory quilts. The range runs from crib-size quilts for about $90 to much larger spreads.

Adams is a 1995 graduate of Wooster High School and put quite a bit of thought into her decision to launch Lucky 7 Studios Custom Clothing and Design.

“If someone has an idea of what they want, we’ll sketch it out. I’m a photographer and artist all the way around,” she explained.

And her photography relies on film as she feels digital cameras just can’t pick up color nuances, subtleties and deep colors the way good old Ektachrome film does.

That’s old school but not unexpected from a true craftsperson.

“There isn’t much I can’t do,” Adams said, but explained she doesn’t do repairs. She refers them to Sue Henderson of the Clothing Surgeon on state Route 45, just north of Lisbon.

“If you have a pair of trousers you want turned into a dress, I would do that,” she said, adding she works closely with Henderson, who owns an embroidering machine, something not every household has.

“She’s been in business a long time,” Adams said while pointing out she has a sewing machine and a Serger machine.

Adams referred pricing to her own website: https://jenniferaadams.com/lucky-7-studios/ and her Facebook page.

But, for one example, the base price for a vest is $30.

“If they bring all the materials and supplies I can make it at the base price,” she said, adding if a customer doesn’t provide materials she can provide a quote.

“Be one of the first to have your clothes custom designed and made, or have a quilt you want made,” she said, adding that each customer up to the first 100 will receive a discount.

Customer number one will receive a 1 percent discount, number two will receive a 2 percent discount and number three will receive a 3 percent discount on orders over $100.

And, customer number 100 will receive $100 off their first order of $100 or more.

For more information, call 330-415-2503, or visit https://jenniferaadams.com/lucky-7-studios, or Lucky 7 Studios, which is a member of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/Lucky7Studios.


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