Pre-construction meeting for new Butcher Road bridge to be scheduled

FRANKLIN SQUARE — The Columbiana County engineer’s office will schedule a pre-construction meeting for the Butcher Road bridge within the next week to 10 days.

“We just put the contract together,” said Troy Graft, chief deputy sanitary engineer, “to see when they start.”

A.P. O’Horo of Youngstown submitted the lowest bid at $443,000 to win the contract.

Graft said the meeting could take place as early as next week and it will be the contractor’s call when work begins.

Last month, Brad Bosley, an assistant design engineer, said, “We don’t know if it goes this year.”

The completion date is May 31, 2019.

The bridge, just west of Lisbon-Canfield Road on Butcher Road, spans the Little Beaver Creek in Salem Township and is a frequently traveled back road connecting Leetonia and the area east of Salem to the city.

“It’s definitely a busy back road with lots of traffic from Leetonia and Lisbon that wants to stay off state Route 14 going to Walmart,” said Salem Township Constable Dan Valentine in June.

The bridge is single lane and motorists need to look ahead to the other side when approaching to check for oncoming traffic.

When two vehicles arrive simultaneously, usually the vehicle closest crosses first while the other yields.

It has given motorists a rough time, especially during winter months, Valentine explained.

The bridge will be upgraded to two lanes, 28-feet wide, and be able to handle 100 percent of legal weight limit allowed.

Once the project schedule is set, notifications to police, fire, ambulance, schools and township trustees can begin.

Valentine said there have been problems with asphalt breaking up on the bridge but never any structural issues with it.



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