Road supervisor says patching done for year


FRANKLIN SQUARE — Salem Township Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin said he was pretty much done with patching roads for the year.

During Tuesday’s meeting, he said, “It came out better than I thought,” adding he fixed the area on Cunningham Road that was badly in need of work.

Entrikin said he also wanted to purchase a hydraulic pump for the snow plows, noting he wanted to keep a spare available.

He also advised trustees on the loader which seemed to have a problem with the turbocharger.

The repair shop wanted all the original equipment pieces “so they can get a grasp on what it needs,” he said.

“I have no clue. They want to see everything that went on it and will maybe have to fabricate something,” he said.

Trustee Chairman John Wilms said, “I think it would be worth making it work right” and Trustee Ray Heddleson said they can at least find out if it’s worth fixing or not.

Entrikin also briefed trustees on the culvert and ditch work and asked if they had additional work for him.

He noted there was work on Grafton, Cunningham, McCracken and Lodge roads. “I want to find all these people and get their location,” Entrikin said and Wilms said he thought there was more culvert and ditch work out there.

In his report, Constable Dan Valentine said he attended an autism seminar, law enforcement training with the Ohio Attorney Generals office, and trustees approved reimbursing him $105 for the ammunition he bought for weapon’s qualifying.

In other business, Trustee Bill Heston said a business had asked him if there were restrictions on the amount of fuel they could store on-site for their own use.

He asked about a couple of 200-gallon tanks and Wilms said, “Who can clue them in the best is probably their fuel man.”

Also, on Monday, Valentine addressed deer moving around and urged motorists to use extra caution in watching for them since they’re so active this time of year.

“I almost hit a 10-point buck the other day,” he said, noting his sightings while on patrol are “up from past years” quite a bit.

When he receives a report of a deer-vehicle collision, the motorist is advised to call the insurance company and provide evidence of the deer crash, he said.

Valentine pointed out three areas where he has noticed a lot of deer with one being state Route 344 just west of Jersey Ridge Road. He said he counted deer in the double digits.

He also said old State Route 344 outside Leetonia and just past the water plant has had a lot of activity.

“Any place where they can get food and water in or near creeks,” he said. One other area is on state Route 558 by the bike trail and from a field at the top of the hill heading east.

Valentine said, “They’re running out on 558” and has seen them in double-digit numbers there also. “I’ve seen large amounts of them,” he said.