Washingtonville mayor: Positive feedback for single trash hauler

WASHINGTONVILLE–Last month, Mayor Herman Frank brought up the issue of having a single trash hauler employed by the village.

He did it in conjunction with sending out the questionnaires to residents on Sept. 17 and on Wednesday Frank, who reported to council regarding returned questionnaires during the Oct. 1 meeting, said responses are running about two to one in favor of the proposal.

The village also sent letters to five trash haulers asking for a response.

The letter to residents said a single trash hauler was being considered to reduce the amount of truck traffic and to “obtain a lower cost for the collection for all residents.”

It asked two questions regarding whether they were willing to change refuse companies if it meant a lower cost; and the amount they are currently paying.

It also provided a line for additional comments.

The reason they were sent was “so we can get an idea or handle on what it costs. The main goal is to protect our streets, not reduce commerce,” Frank explained.

Leetonia and Salem are also looking at the issue and a Minnesota Department of Transportation study has been cited showing that one residential trash-hauling truck is the equivalent of 1,270 cars on the street.

“So three trucks going up the street is equivalent to 3,800 cars,” Frank said, adding there are days when garbage isn’t collected and it can sit out for a week.

On Wednesday, Frank said questionnaires are still being received and the answers range from, “Yes, I can’t wait,” to “No, I can do it myself.”

He elaborated on why he brought it up.

“My game plan was to put it out for bid and see what the reaction is. I think everyone is going to save money and I know it will save the roads. I don’t think they’re just going to save money, we’re going to save streets.”

Earlier, Frank told council he would like to see a company also offer leaf pickup as part of the package, while adding a clause that if they “don’t meet our specifications we can withdraw their permit.”

He added, “It only makes sense. We’re not going to approve a company that’s going to raise it (the rate).

“They can either stay (at the same price) and offer more service … and maybe we can work out a deal with Leetonia and get a sweeter deal.”

Residents can drop off the questionnaires in the water payment drop-box in front of the community building.

Frank said the letters are still coming in.