NW water project close to final OK on Phase II

NEW WATERFORD — Phase II of a three-phase water distribution system upgrade is close to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ approval, Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said Thursday.

The village has obtained $2.6 million in grants and funding for Phase II which will install 18,300 linear feet of new water lines after Phase I was completed in late August.

“Hopefully everything’s a go now,” Slagle said noting the Corps of Engineers is currently in a public comments phase for final approval for the Phase II.

This summer, the Corps and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency reviewed the drawings for Phase II and the village is in line to receive a $1 million grant from the Corps toward it.

There is also $1.1 million in Ohio EPA money with 50 percent forgiveness component that will see the village owing $550,000, along with a $499,999 grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

“The $550,000 will be allowed to be paid over 30 years at zero-percent interest,” Slagle said, adding he thought if the public comments are completed by the end of November, the village could prepare a bid package by early December.

“The only action council will take is after the bid to accept it,” he said, “that’s all they need to do.”

Once that’s done, Slagle said he didn’t expect work to begin until early spring depending on the contractor that wins the job with the lowest and best bid.

“A lot of them don’t like to work in winter,” he said.

Water line breaks have been a major headache for years in the village and have driven village leaders to an ongoing effort to revitalize its water distribution system.

There are 8.6 miles of water lines that are being replaced which distribute treated ground water to approximately 500 customers.

Phase I, which cost approximately $2.6 million, consisted of major upgrades to the water plant and water tower along with new water lines.

When the project is complete, all the metal water lines will be replaced with PVC lines and all the dead ends will be eliminated for better circulation of the water throughout the entire system.

Then the village will move to Phase III, the final component, which will cost about $2.2 million and may be broken down into two parts to spread out the funding. It may also see the Crestview School district water line project rolled into it.