Spill along Route 45 cleaned up

Staff Reports

LISBON — The local fire department and the Columbiana County Hazmat Response team at the East Liverpool Fire Department were called Thursday to investigate a substance found spilled along state Route 45 in Center Township.

Village Fire Chief Paul Gresh Jr. said they received a call at 12:51 p.m. about a leaking container along Route 45 just north of the county health department. The plastic container had wording indicating it could hold up to 275 gallons but it did not say of what, nor were there any numbers identifying the substance. The tank is believed to have fallen off a passing truck, and Gresh said it smelled like fabric softener or detergent.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was contacted and arrived to take some samples. Gresh said the hazmat team from the East Liverpool Fire Department also responded, and they did not believe the substance to be hazardous. A company was then called to clean up the spill.