Trustees vote to replace large culverts next year


Trustees Thursday approved a resolution to proceed with a large culvert replacement program next year.

Trustee Barry Miner said, “Spring is the optimum time, my concern is we’ve talked about this a long time and I don’t want to be sitting here if we have a failure.”

The vote was 2-1 and Trustee Chairman Bob Hum said he wanted to use the Columbiana County engineer’s office for most of the work.

Miner’s resolution will hire Howell’s and Baird Engineers of Salem for the design and bid work on four priority culvert areas determined to be the worst.

Road Foreman Mel Miller said the list was prioritized by “physical inspection” and Trustee John Garwood said, “I don’t have an issue that it needs to be done.

“My concern is if it (bids) comes in too high …” he said and he wanted to know if the project could be broken down into doing two at time.

Miner said, “We’re removing corrugated metal pipe and going back to concrete … (and) as they’re designing the stuff, they’ll be working with Mel.”

Miner said, “The pipes have already been sized by the county” adding, “at least get them into the pipe line.”

In his report, Miller said the road department was busy, especially during the Nov. 15-16 snow and ice storm. The department responded to 12 calls along with removing numerous tree limbs and branches to keep the roads open.

Miller said, “Trees with leaves on them couldn’t take the weight” and the department was out salting and plowing the roads on seven occasions since the last meeting, using about 65 tons of salt without ash.

Trustees approved a purchase order to Morton Salt for $5,000 for an additional 75 tons of salt.

The department has also worked on patching roads “as and where needed” with cold mix and worked on vehicle maintenance indoors when they could.

In other business, trustees passed a resolution to pay the county for background checks for new employees.

Hum said they have to enroll with Ohio attorney general “and they will release the information to us” for $60.

“This would be good way for us,” he said, “send it down there and for $60 they’ll do it … so if we have this, nothing will come back and bite us.”

Also, trustees heard from two residents regarding the speed limit on Spring Hill Drive and Hum said they’ve been in contact with the county engineer’s office. The residents suggested 25 mile per hour.

“We need to make sure we do our homework,” Hum said, “there’s a process they go through. I want to make sure we’re not challenged.”

Also, trustees approved meeting date changes and will meet at 7 p.m. on Dec. 18 and will hold their end-of-the-year meeting at 10 a.m. on Dec. 23, a Saturday.