Washingtonville delays hiring part-time worker

WASHINGTONVILLE — Council tabled hiring a new employee for the street and utilities department during Monday’s meeting.

The village is looking for a part-time worker who can be available for up to 30 hours on a on-call basis.

Council heard from Michael Clunen who has worked for county road departments and has experience in operating heavy equipment like a front-end loader.

Councilwoman Peggy Frank asked if he had a problem working with the water department, a maximum of 30 hours or being on call and Mayor Herman Frank said, “I think a lot of it will be working with Brian (Gudat, the utilities superintendent) because we have person to be deployed.”

Clunen said one obstacle is he might be accepted into the police academy at Youngstown State University in January, and that would be a priority preventing him from committing to working for the village.

“I will know next week,” he said and Councilman Eric Sobek said, “I would hate to hire someone and then have to find someone else” and council tabled the application.

In other business, Sobek asked about the cemetery behind the Trinity Lutheran Church that is bordered by High, School and East streets and state Route 14.

The address of the church is 150 E. Main St. and the cemetery behind it is holds over 100 graves, some dating back to 1810. Of those many old, weather-worn stones, 39 are for veterans of three wars.

Justin McLemore, a sophomore at Springfield Local High School, has been working on an Eagle Scout project by cleaning up, re-standing and painting sections of fence.

Mayor Herman Frank said, “Green Township takes care of it. Green Township mowed it all summer. They’ve been good to us about it.”

Council President Ron Stevens said there were additional pieces of the fence in a shed there. Council took no action.

Council unanimously approved a maintenance agreement on the police radios, both portable and mobile units, for $1,528 a year.

The radios are provided by Austintown and Boardman townships and Mahoning County dispatching which the village uses.

Police Chief Ken Faust said there are four portable and three mobile units and they each cost about $2,000. He said the agreement covers repairs and update costs every three to five years.

“It’s like a warranty,” he said noting the dispatching system is similar to the Multi-Agency Radio Communications Trunking System (MARCS) “like the Ohio Highway Patrol has.”

Frank apologized for overlooking a mention of Green Township during the last meeting for helping the village out during its Trick or Treat.

“I dropped the ball,” Frank said, “and didn’t mention it for being here for Trick or Treat and I apologize.”