Wet weather pushes street repairs into spring 2019


Work crews will finish up the concrete repairs on Southeast Boulevard during any dry days coming up, but the concrete work on East Pershing Street and North Lincoln Avenue will have to wait until spring.

City Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst said Tuesday the decision to hold off completion of the concrete streets project until next year was made during a meeting at the end of last week, with Mayor John Berlin and representatives of Central Allied coming to a mutual agreement, which Berlin confirmed.

“They just didn’t think there were going to be enough good days,” the mayor said, noting the contractor lost at least 20 days of construction due to the wet weather.

Cold they can work with, moisture they can’t, and he said “with the weather, it just didn’t work out.”

As part of the agreement, the city isn’t going to enforce the financial penalties against the Canton company for missing the completion deadline and in return, the company is going to hold the pricing so the delay won’t cost the city any additional money. Berlin said he would rather they wait until spring so it’s done without rushing. With the temperatures colder, he said the workers have been putting blankets over the concrete to collect heat to help cure the concrete since it takes longer in colder weather.

Kenst said the deadline had been Dec. 16 to get the work done. State Street is finished and Southeast is completed from Ridgewood up to the area of South Madison, with the area up to Pershing Street still to be done. He said they’ll need four to five days with no precipitation to finish Southeast, which is the plan.

In the spring, the contractor will return to cut out the bad sections on East Pershing from Ohio to Southeast Boulevard and replace the concrete in those sections. Work on North Lincoln Avenue had been added which will also be done in the spring, with the asphalt to be removed on Lincoln from State Street to Second Street and replaced with concrete from curb to curb.

Kenst explained that this is an opportunity to fix the bumps where the asphalt has rolls caused by trucks applying their brakes for the stop at Lincoln and State. He said even if the contractor hadn’t taken some time to do another job earlier in the project, with the weather, the project still would have been delayed.

“We’ve worked with Central Allied many times in the past. They honor their work. We know they’ll come back and finish it,” Kenst said.