Salem to mail income tax filing reminders

SALEM — City tax filers can expect a bright, yellow postcard later this month from the city income tax office, with a redesigned income tax form available at the end of the month as preparation for the new tax season begins.

“It’s not junk mail, it’s something you need to look at,” city Income Tax Administrator Fred Pamer said.

The front of the card will have the taxpayer’s name and tax account number. The other side will include information about filing, including the fact that filing is required for all city residents even if they had no income. Anyone who receives a card must file, but if there’s a question on whether someone needs to file, even if they don’t receive a card, they can call the office at 330-332-4241 extension 225.

Over 7,000 postcards will be mailed out by Jan. 20 to city residents and businesses. Pamer said the tax form itself had to be redesigned to fit a section dealing with the net operating loss carry forward, one of the municipal tax uniformity law changes that goes into effect for the 2018 tax returns. The city never allowed businesses to carry forward losses, but the law change allows a loss carry forward for up to five years. The fillable, self-calculating tax return available on the city website also had to be redesigned for the loss carry foward option for businesses.

New forms should be ready by the end of January and will be available at the tax office on the second floor of city hall, at Salem Public Library and online at www.cityofsalemohio.org. Forms can also be mailed by contacting the tax office.

The tax filing deadline is April 15 and the tax rate for the city of Salem is 1.25 percent, which includes the 1 percent and then the .25 percent tax that’s strictly used for improvements to streets, alleys, storm sewers and curbs. Copies of all W2 forms and applicable federal schedules and the 2018 federal tax return must be attached when filing the city income tax return.

Pamer did note that due to pending legislation, the law regarding the net operating loss carry foward may change and is currently unclear, so businesses should check the city website for any updates.

For anyone needing assistance with their city income tax, he said they’re welcome to come to the office and they’ll fill the forms out for them at no charge. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Pamer said he saw an article that noted the federal tax season begins Jan. 28, which he said is when taxpayers can start filing federal tax returns, regardless of the government shutdown.

Some features added last year for city filers will continue this year, including the fillable forms on the city website. Salem city income tax forms for individuals can’t be filed online, but the fillable form allows for a taxpayer to input their data with the tax or refund automatically calculated. Then they can print out the form and file it at the tax office, mail it or even email it through a secure link that can be accessed on the city website at www.cityofsalemohio.org by clicking on tax forms and then clicking on the secure email link. They just have to remember to include the federal return copy and copies of all attachments.

“We got a lot of supporting information that way,” he said.

The city received total income of more than $6.7 million from the city income tax, with at least $1.3 millon of the total coming from the .25 percent.



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