Firm hired to manage Salem street work

SALEM — Howells and Baird Inc. has been selected to provide engineering services for this year’s city street paving program in Salem.

“We’ve had very good success and a great relationship with Howells and Baird,” Mayor John Berlin said Wednesday.

The Salem firm was one of four engineering companies to answer the city’s Request for Qualifications advertisement for the design work and came out on top after being evaluated and graded based on qualifications and experience. A committee consisting of the mayor, city Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst and now retired Utilities Assistant Superintendent Matt Hoopes reviewed the RFQs and graded the companies.

Berlin said Howells and Baird has good knowledge of the streets in Salem and it’s “always nice to be able to work with a local company.”

Howells and Baird has been the engineering firm handling all the recent street projects in the city. The proposed engineering fee for the 2019 street paving project was listed as $87,250. The engineer’s estimate for the construction cost for the project is $1,107,480 for seven streets and a municipal parking lot, with the funding coming from capital improvements.

Firm president/engineer Jon Vollnogle is working on the plans now and Berlin said he’s shooting for early spring for the bid opening. The mayor said the amount of work they’re able to do this summer will depend on the bids, noting that they usually get better prices in the spring.

The scope of work for the project includes: Pennsylvania Avenue from Allen Road to Jennings Avenue; South Madison from East State to Southeast Boulevard; Arch Street from Newgarden Avenue to the deadend; Oak Street from South Madison to Southeast Boulevard; Cleveland Street from Hawley Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue; Buckeye Circle from West 14th Street east to West 14th Street west; Merle Road from Fairview Avenue to the deadend; and the public parking lot along East Pershing and South Lundy Avenue.

Separate from this project will be the repaving of Franklin Street from South Lincoln Avenue to South Broadway Avenue with Community Development Block Grant funds from Columbiana County. The estimated cost is $151,131, with $100,000 from CDBG funds and the city covering the rest with capital improvement funds.

The paving of Franklin won’t occur until the city Utilities Department finishes with water and sewer line replacements on that same stretch of street. Benesch Engineering is serving as the engineer for the water and sewer line projects for a fee not to exceed $90,000.

City council’s Utilities Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the project.

Also resuming this spring when the weather breaks will be the concrete streets repair project. In the fall, Central Allied finished the work on East State Street and Southeast Boulevard. The company will return to do the work on East Pershing from Ohio Avenue to Southeast Boulevard. Also to be done as part of the project will be the removal of asphalt on North Lincoln Avenue from State Street to Second Street and replacing it with concrete.



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