Goshen Police District shifts to need for community policing

Statistics for all three of the jurisdictions in the Goshen Police District are as follows:

Goshen Township

2018: 3,790 total calls; 496 traffic stops; six assaults; four breaking and enterings; two burglaries; one detective investigation; 36 domestics; two overdoses; nine OVIs; six sex offenses; 26 thefts; eight injury crashes.

2017: 4,752 total calls; 667 traffic stops; four assaults; two breaking and enterings; two burglaries; three detective investigations; 16 domestics; seven overdoses; seven OVIs; three sex offenses; 13 thefts; 10 injury crashes.

Green Township

2018: 5,162 total calls; 554 traffic stops; four assaults; two breaking and enterings; four burglaries; no detective investigations; 19 domestics; five overdoses; eight OVIs; four sex offenses; 10 thefts; 15 injury crashes.

2017: 4,883 total calls; 602 traffic stops; no assaults; one breaking and entering; one burglary; one detective investigation; 20 domestics; two overdoses; seven OVIs; no sex offenses; 18 thefts; 15 injury crashes.


2018: 1,892 total calls; 221 traffic stops; five assaults; three breaking and enterings; two burglaries; no detective investigations; 24 domestics; one overdose; three OVIs; one sex offense; 18 thefts; one injury crash.

2017: 2,458 total calls; 135 traffic stops; four assaults; two breaking and enterings; one burglary; no detective investigations; nine domestics; one overdose; two OVIs; two sex offenses; 16 thefts; one injury crash.


GOSHEN TOWNSHIP — A decrease in total calls and traffic stops in two of the three jurisdictions of the Goshen Police District in 2018 shows the department’s shift from a need for enforcement to a need for community policing, according to police Chief Steve McDaniel.

In 2018, the department saw a decrease from 2017 in total calls in both Goshen and Green townships, as well as a decrease in traffic stops in Goshen Township and Beloit. There was an increase in total calls in Beloit and in traffic stops in Green Township.

McDaniel said his officers were being more proactive in 2018, making more traffic stops for more issues in Green Township, but the decrease in total calls was due to less problems. He said the areas that had less traffic stops were due to weather (rain slows down drivers) and drivers being more aware of the patrolling officers.

“Tickets are down, but warnings are up,” he said. “It’s a way of saying ‘slow down’ and documenting our stops,” he explained.

Overall, McDaniel said he is pleased with the enforcement in 2018.

“2018 was a good year. I hope 2019 stays that way,” he said.

In 2019, McDaniel said his department will be looking to increase community policing, noting the enforcement has evidently been addressed, as shown by the decrease in total calls and traffic stops.

“We want to become more community oriented with officers, be more visible in the community,” he said, noting a new radio system will make foot patrol possible. “I want officers to stop and talk to people who are outside, interact with residents.”

McDaniel said he hopes to have more community days and Coffee with a Cop days in 2019, as well having an officer become a safety seat instructor to hold events to ensure seats are properly installed.

The department is also open to residents at any time.

“I welcome anyone to stop in and see the police department and talk with officers,” McDaniel said.