Loss of bank poses problems for Salineville

LISBON — The loss of the Huntington Bank has created another problem in Salineville.

Village council this week discussed the possibility of going with direct deposit for the village’s payroll checks.

Fiscal Officer Donna Rudder said the idea was first brought up at a recent finance committee meeting. There will be no cost to the village for the employees to have direct deposit, but Rudder will need bank account information from them in order to get the process started.

Councilwoman Sally Keating pointed out this will mean fewer checks written and Councilman Brian Zaverl noted some of the employees now have to leave town to cash their checks, which is a hardship. Keating also noted there are some who do not cash their checks in a timely fashion and everyone gets direct deposit it would eliminate that problem.

One employee will see a larger paycheck. Council finalized their decision at the prior meeting and gave sewer clerk Kayla Taggart a pay raise increasing her from $8.35 per hour, an amount which fell below minimum wage, to $9.55 per hour. Council had decided to change her wage so it is always $1 per hour above the minimum wage.

Those village employees who get paid holidays may soon get a different one. Instead of President’s Day, council is considering giving the employees Veterans Day. Council asked Solicitor Andy Beech to create the legislation so they can vote on the change at the next meeting.

In other matters:

— The village is considering joining the Columbiana County Major Crimes Task Force, which will be replacing the Homicide Task Force. Beech said the prosecutor’s office had put together the Homicide Task Force a few years ago, where the sheriff’s office and other police departments came out to work together on murders in the county. However, Beech said the police chiefs recently discussed making a change so the additional resources will be available for other violent crimes.

For instance, the Homicide Task Force came together to investigate the home invasion, beating and robbery, of an elderly man Glenmoor man in March of 2018. The man survived for several months despite his injuries, but the quick work of the task force has been credited with helping to quickly solve the crime and the arrest of the suspect, who is scheduled for a jury trial this March facing several charges including murder.

–A meeting is scheduled Feb. 27 with the Camp Giddeon group, who came into Salineville last year providing some much needed community service work in the park. Mayor Linda Adams said this year the group will be here for two weeks at the end of June and beginning of July.

— The Salineville Volunteer Fire Department has decided it no longer needs the extra space, but thanked the council for allowing them to use office space in the building attached to the fire hall, space the village once used for it’s offices. Three council members Buck Higgins, Keating and Nancy Needham, volunteered to go down and look at the space, making sure it is secure, everything is in good working order and look at other options for what the village could do with it.

— Adams said she hopes to attend a gathering on Feb. 27 recognizing County Engineer Bert Dawson for his 50 years in office.

“He’s been a good friend to the village of Salineville many times,” Adams said.