Salem woman charged with impersonating Lisbon police officer

LISBON –A 22-year-old Salem woman has been charged with impersonating a village police officer while calling the mother of a teenage girl over a boyfriend dispute.

Carly M. Williams, 22, East Pershing Street, Salem, was charged Wednesday with impersonating Lt. Shar Daub of the village police department in a phone call made to Christina Minger, West Lincoln Way. The charge is a misdemeanor because Williams did not threaten to arrest or search anyone.

According to Minger, Williams and Autumn Goodfellow were sending text messages to her 16-year-old daughter because a male likes her daughter and not Williams. Minger said she responded to most of the messages but at some point told Williams to stop texting her.

Minger then let Daub listen to the message left on her phone at 2:01 a.m. Wednesday. Williams identified herself as officer Daub and advised Minger and her daughter to stop harassing Williams and Goodfellow or charges would be filed in county municipal court. She then politely told them to have a nice day.

Daub immediately recognized who had made the call based on her numerous prior dealings with Williams. “(Minger) definitely knew it was not my voice because I’ve probably dealt with her at least 15 times,” Daub said.

In addition to filing charges, Daub contacted Goodfellow and told her to quit contacting Minger and her daughter and to stop letting Williams use her phone to send the text messages and impersonate her or she would also be charged. She also told Minger to cease any contact with them.

A March 14 pretrial was set for Williams, who appeared for video arraignment on before Judge Mark Frost on Thursday morning.