Gas tax increase to mean more money for Goshen

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP — With the gas tax proposed by Gov. Mike DeWine finally in place, township trustees know how much money will be coming their way.

Trustee Rob Spencer last week reported the tax increases of 10.5 cent per gallon in gas and 19 cent per gallon in diesel effective July 1 will generate an estimated $147, 205 in 2020 and $148,827 in 2021. The amounts represent increases of $56,729 in 2020 and $57,218 in 2021 and are based on the assumption fuel consumption will see approximately 1 percent growth through fiscal year 2021.

Trustees noted, however, that the money going to townships is apparently not determined by county road mileage, with all townships receiving the same amount.

The tax increase has made it possible for the trustees to end talks about a levy for road department equipment. Trustees announced last month that discussion of the levy has ended thanks to the tax increase and a $5 license fee on motor vehicle registrations.

Trustee Chair Bob McCracken said last month the increase would generate 60 percent more money for the township’s road budget. The proposed amount at that time was 10.7 cent per gallon.

On the other hand, a .5-mill levy would generate approximately $35,000, which is not enough and too hard on the residents, he said.