Salem police charge vandals

SALEM — Police charged two juveniles, ages 10 and 16, with delinquency for criminal damaging after one of the boys admitted they had been at Centennial Park throwing rocks through the restroom windows for fun Thursday night.

The admission came after the other juvenile claimed he was attacked at the park by a man wearing all black who approached him and pulled a knife, cutting his thumb and shirt.

The other boy said there was no man with a knife. He said the juvenile cut his hand on broken glass when they were at the park.

Police on patrol in the 100 block of Hawley became aware of the incident at 10:31 p.m. Thursday after speaking with a mother and two juveniles when the mother said her son was attacked with a knife while at the park and his hand had been cut.

After police spoke to both juveniles, they were arrested and processed and released to their mothers. Police took pictures of the damage done to the park restrooms.

This was the latest in a string of vandalism incidents at Centennial Park which involved damage to the restrooms. Police and park officials have asked the public to call and report anything they see that doesn’t appear right. Last year, Parks Director Shane Franks was given authority by city council to ban people from the park for wrongdoing for up to a year and parks officials have said this year that anyone caught vandalizing park property will be prosecuted.

To report suspicious activity at the park, contact Salem Police at 330-337-7811.


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