Board of Elections acts on provisional, absentee ballots

LISBON — During a short meeting of the Columbiana County Board of Elections on Friday, the board voted on accepting or rejecting provisional and absentee ballots from the May 7 election.

Of the 41 provisional ballots from election day, 39 of them were accepted. One was rejected on the basis the person was not a registered voter and the other was rejected because the voter went to the wrong polling precinct to vote.

The board also rejected 17 absentee ballots as uncountable. Three of those were received after election day and had no postmark, illegible postmark or barcode allowing the board of elections to determine when they were mailed. Another eight were found to be postmarked after the deadline of May 6 and received after election day.

Five absentee ballots were returned from nursing homes after the person requesting it was not available to vote while the election poll worker was there.

Finally, one was received without a signature and there was no response after the board of elections sent a letter for the person to come and sign the ballot.

Now the final absentee ballots and 39 accepted provisional ballots will be counted prior to a meeting to certify the election, which is set for 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 28.


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