Summer road program readied

LISBON — The Columbiana County Engineer’s Office will resurface 120 miles of road this summer, down from 143 in 2018.

Of the 120 miles, 110 are to be resurfaced under the county’s chip/seal program and 10 miles resurfaced with asphalt, commonly referred to as blacktop. The number last year were 131 miles chip/seal and 12 miles asphalt.

Bill Helscel, chief deputy highway engineer for the county, said they are spending about the same amount of money — $2.3 million — but the amount of miles that get resurfaced varies from year to year because some roads are in poorer condition than others and require a second coat, while others are wider, all of which drives up the cost. Then there is the rising cost of materials.

“Mileage is a hard way to judge it,” he said.

While a combination of county funds and state grants are used to help pay for the annual resurfacing program, the biggest source of funding comes from the engineer’s portion of the state gasoline tax, which is had been holding steady at about $2.4 million per year.

The county is able to resurface so many more miles of road using chip/seal because it considerably cheaper than asphalt, which costs five times as much per mile. Under the county’s chip/seal program, participating villages and townships pay for the stone, while the engineer’s office purchases the emulsion and does the work for free.

Following is the list of roads, streets and alleys to be resurfaced using chip/seal:

County: Clarkson and Bye roads.

Butler Township: Slater (south), Tower, Buck, Clark, Carey, Hartley, Cider Mill and Winona.

Center Township: Applegate, Beacon Light, Black Crosser, Freeman, Ganders Flat, and McCallister.

Elkrun Township: Morris, Lusk Lock, Pine Hollow and Ganders Flat.

Fairfield Township: Camelot, Hatcher, Creek, Metz, Cricket, Maple, Heck, Homestead and Sponseller.

Franklin Township: Willard, Main, North, Walnut, Washington and Jackson.

Hanover Township: Clewell, Camp, Walton, Lakeside, Parkview, Haessley, Tunnel Hill, McKaig, Trinity Church, McCallister, Laughlin Mill, Lisbon-Dungannon, and Campbell.

Knox Township: 12th, Hartley, Buck, Stoufer, Winona, Hartley and Georgetown-Damascus.

Liverpool Township: Andrews Avenue, Andrews Street, Andrews Place, Milton, Crestview, Curry, Cain, Lang, Midway, Manor, Hill, Mayberry, Monticello, Dairy, Parkwood, Christian, Evergreen, Homestead, Pond, Harding, Pleasant, Leland and Watterson.

Madison Township: McCormick Run, Osbourne, Black, Alderlick, Buzzard, Autumn, White, McIntosh and Y-Camp.

Middleton Township: Vale, Scott Mill, Smith, Taylor, Brown and Southern and alley by North.

Perry Township: Golf Club and Chesnut Grove.

Salem Township: Conkle, Gromley, Yates, Winona and McCracken.

Unity Township: Jimtown, Burl, New Liberty, Edgewood, McCloskey, Metz and Macklin.

Washington Township: Osbourne, Bolivar and Steubenville Pike.

Wayne Township: Applegate (west), Roses Run, Hull and Glasgow.

West Township: Stump, Stephens, Haines, Lowmiller, Mountz and Bayard.

Yellow Creek Township: Valley, Hammondsville, Mercury, Sunset, Jupiter, Skyline, Boyd, Bolivar, Wells Hollow, Oak Ridge (west), Parshall, Ohio, Power, Vermont, Idaho, and Utah.

Leetonia: Thorn, Willow, alley by Shell station, Front, Forest, alley from State to Ridge, Gum, St. Peter and Grit Building.

Summitville: Third, Fink and Summit.

New Waterford: water plant parking lot, community building parking lot and walking trail.

The following are the list of roads, streets and alleys to be resurfaced with asphalt:

County: Knox School, Goshen and Lisbon.

Washingtonville: Leetonia Road.

Center Township: Roberts, Megan, Brookfield, Center, Wellsville, Perry and Grant.

Wayne Township: Day, Dobson, Lisbon, Beaver, Jefferson, Spruce and Grant.

Hanover Township: Tunnel Hill and Campbell.