2 more teen boys charged in break-ins

Two more teenage boys from the village have been arrested in connection with series of recent vehicles break-ins.

Police Lt. Shar Daub said the boys, age 14 and 15, have been charged in juvenile court with multiple counts of theft and receiving stolen property. They were released and placed on monitored house arrest pending the outcome of the case. The boys could also face breaking and entering charges since they entered an unlocked garage.

The receiving stolen property charges are the juvenile court equivalent of a fourth-degree felony, while the theft offenses are misdemeanors.

The pair join a 16-year-old village boy who was charged last week with two counts of receiving stolen property and two counts of criminal damaging because of damage to two of the vehicles. Daub said they expect to file charges against two other boys from outside of a town, as well as a young adult.

At least 15 unlocked vehicles around town were entered between early May and the first weekend in June, with the suspects stealing money and other items. In some instances, residents left their keys in the vehicles, resulting in the theft of four of the vehicles, two of which were later returned by the suspects. Another of the stolen vehicles, this one belonging to Grandview Street resident Megan Hansen, was found in Wellsville.

The thefts began shortly after the 16-year-old moved to town in May, and he is believed to be the ringleader. Daub said he met the other suspects while playing basketball at the juvenile court alternate school and the Cedar Street park basketball court.



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