Fairfield Township putting culvert project out to bid

COLUMBIANA — Fairfield Township is putting a project out to bid that will replace four large diameter culvert pipes that are well past their life span.

Township trustee Barry Miner presented the project to the board of trustees on Thursday.

He said the township has been very fortunate to have financial support from its residents over the last several years because there is money available for the roughly $227,868 project.

The metal corrugated pipes are located on Metz, Crestview, Heck and Unity Line roads and are all larger than 36 inches, which is why the township would need to hire an outside contractor to do the work, Miner said.

He added that the culverts were installed in the 1970s and are well past their lifespan of 30 years.

He provided the board with cost estimates from Howells and Baird Engineering. The engineering firm estimated the culvert replacement on Metz Road at $35,408, the culvert on Crestview at $36,488, the twin concrete pipes on Heck Road at $61,616, and the twin pipes on Unity Line Road at $94,173.

Miner said he took it upon himself to inspect each of the culverts and found that they were all deteriorating from age and that if something is not done soon they would all fail.

“The safety of those pipes concerns me. With the traffic that we have, school buses, trucks on our roads, the bottoms are shot on all of those … those are the worst four that we have at this point,” he said.

He went on to say that as of May 31, the township has $1.18 million available between the motor vehicle license tax, gasoline tax, and the road levy, so there is money available to put toward the project.

“We are very fortunate to have the money. We have been very fiscally frugal with the township’s money. When these pipes are done these are a 100-year fix,” he said.

Trustees passed a resolution to put the project out to bid through Howells and Baird.