Aut Mori Grotto members take home top honors at clown competition

Aut Mori Grotto sent 22 members to Orlando, Fla., recently for the national clown competition. As a group they won five first place and two second-place awards. Pictured are, kneeling from left, Past Monarch, Glen (Harlee) McClain and Past Master of William Farr Lodge Alan (It’s-so) Boles. Standing, Past Monarch, Joe (Woodee) Humansky, Monarch, George McClelland, Jay LoSasso (JJ), Past Monarch, Robert (Who-Me) Edwards, Charles (Crackers) Graham and Prophet, Jesse (Pokey) Boles. Boles won first place in the character clown competition. Humansky won first place in the Auguste category and also in the balloon skit division. Boles won first place and LoSasso won second place in the white face competition. Edwards won first place and Graham won second place in the tramp clown competition. (Submitted photo)