KSU Salem recognizes student achievements

KSU Salem recognizes student achievements

SALEM – Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual Student Awards Ceremony. Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, their families and several faculty members, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university. He also acknowledged the many first generation college students at the event, himself included, and the importance of bridging that gap.

“For many of us who grew up or whose parents grew up in this region of the country, a college degree wasn’t needed to get a good paying job. There were factories, steel mills, potteries, agriculture and heavy industry,” he noted.

“We all know those days are gone and we have had to rethink how we prepare ourselves to enter the workforce. Fortunately, Kent State’s regional campus system provides affordable and quality higher education opportunities right here in Columbiana County. We are committed to helping our students succeed on campus and in the workplace.”

Scholarship Awards

– Kent State Salem Advisory Board Scholarship: Madison Capito, Elizabeth Miller and Meghan Skiba.

-Kent State Alumni Scholarship: Sandra Anderson, Amanda Donithan and Laura Straight.

-Professional Promise Scholarship: Hannah Johnson.

-Joseph P. and Donna Sedzmak Accounting and Business Scholarship: Jared Hofsess.

-Donna J. Sedzmak Student Survivor and Caregive Scholarship: Rachelle Robb.

-James Cooney Scholarship: Kimberly Williams.

-Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio Scholarship: Jennifer Buck, Matthew McConnell and Daniel Newlin.

-Alumni Insurance Studies Scholarship: Angela Maroni.

-Westfield Insurance Studies Scholarship: Katelyn Moore.

-Davey Tree Expert Scholarship: Julie Kline and Kurtis Magnello

-Willoway Nurseries Scholarship: Emily Conrad.

-John E. Roncone Scholarship: Jonathan Moore.

-Home Savings and Loan Business Scholarship: George Bosworth, Michael Miller and Matthew McConnell.

Kent State Salem Access Scholarship: Meghan Skiba, Madison Capito, Elizabeth Miller, Sandra Anderson, Amanda Donithan , Laura Straight, Jared Hofsess, Harvey Householder, Samantha Srock, Amanda Hershberger, Olivia McClellan, Leah Albani, Breanna McCreary, Debbie Shaw-Batchelo, Rachel Utsinger, Hannah Schoolcraft, Taylor Pike, Shayne Cope, Tiffany Pore, Jennifer Buck, Chance Metz and Seth Parris.

Academic Awards

-Outstanding Business Management Technology Students: Bryan Richards and Kallie Rogers.

-Outstanding Student in Business: Jared Hofsess.

-Computer Technology Outstanding Student: Roy Tolley.

-Communication Studies OutstandingSpeaking Award: Joe Barcey, Elizabeth Harrington and Catherine Roth.

-Early Childhood Education Outstanding Student: Chelsea Minnich, Michela Nicholson and Kathryn Williams.

-Human Services Advocacy Award: Robin Merriman and Kimberly Sarkozy.

-Human Services Assessment of Client Needs Award: Emily Brain

-Human Services Dynamics of the Human Relationship Award: Brittani Veneables.

-Human Services Intern of Excellence Award: Angela Criner.

-Human Services Professional Growth Award: Christina McFarland

-Outstanding Psychology Students: Stephanie Halfhill, Tashia Harrison and Tammy Morrow Lee.

-Undergraduate Research: Shawntai Daniels, Elizabeth Durick, Connie Ganslein, Michelle (Matheson) Homan, Rhonda Johnson, Jennifer Ludovici, Elizabeth Sponseller and Tiera Stowers.

-Honors Scholarship Recipients: Hannah Duncan, Rebecca Haag, Caleb Huffman, Kayla Jenkins, Pamela McIlvain, Chelsey Palumbo, Stephanie Romeo and Melissa Willis.

Nursing Awards

-Outstanding Student in Nursing: Rachael Kennedy.

-Outstanding Three Year Program Senior Academic and Clinical Performance: Megan Boyle, Nicole Chipps, Chelsea Cochran, Brianne Jackson, Mariah Rast and Jennifer White.

-Outstanding Senior Academic and Clinical Performance: Joann Blakeman, Nicole Gumino, Erin Murphy, Karen Savage and Abigail Schuler.

-Outstanding Senior Academic Performance: Staccie Zilavey.

-Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring: Nicole Gumino, Pamela Mackos, Samantha Thomas and Jennifer White.

-Outstanding Senior Leadership Performance: Chantel Fusco, Kelsey Lyle, Pamela Mackos, Paige Stryffeler, Samantha Thomas, Taylor Toothman, Emily Wallace and Jennifer White.

-Outstanding Junior Clinical Performance: Stacy Richardson and Rachelle Robb.

-Outstanding Sophomore Academic Performance: Roxanne Bowers and Kimberly Williams.

-Sophomore Cultural Diversity: Tiffany Faltinowski, Ashley Floor, Brandon Floor, Kelly Waller and Casey Yourex.

-Outstanding Sophomore Leadership: Michelle Murphy and Haeli Todd.

Radiologic Technology Awards

-Second Year Clinical Excellence: Megan Welker, Alliance Community Hospital; Rachel Blackburn, River Valley Health Partners; Rachel Warner, Robinson Memorial Hospital; Jessica Shortt, Salem Community Hospital; Danielle Baughman, St. Elizabeth Health Center Youngstown; Toni Geffert, St. Elizabeth Health Center, Boardman; Kylie Arnett, St. Joseph Health Center; Laura Griffith and Bliss Keeley, Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

Roy Bell Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Gregory Lowe.Roy Bell Memorial Scholarship for Clinical Excellence: Trent Frederick.

-The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology Academic and Clinical Excellence Award: Evan Hill.

-Mallinckrodt Award of Excellence: Traci Lynn and Amber Pearce.

-Spring 2012 President’s List: Waleed Alshahrani, Dana Ackerman, Donna Beery, Emily Brain, Kayann Camp, Brandon Ducan, Jessica Greier, Stephanie Halfhill, Jesse Hanchosky, Lauren Heidy, Harvey Householder, Rachael Kennedy, Hannah Lude, Traci Lynn, Shelby McDevitt, Angela Maroni, Amber Pearce, Sam Vuletich, Jill Wawrosch and Staccie Zilavy.

-Fall 2012 President’s List: Alyssa Benning, Sarah Doyle, Morgan Chaney, Chantel Fusco, Toni Geffert, Stephanie Halfhill, Jared Hofsess, Fred Oyler, Kristen Peluso, Reagan Rito, Sarah Stine, Jennifer White and Eric Wrikeman.

Campus Service Award: Sandi Anderson.

-Friends of the Campus Award: Lou and Kerri Ramunno.

-2012-13 Student Government Organization: Michael Bentfeld, president; Elizabeth Miller, vice president; Donna Beery, secretary; Michele Rober, treasurer.

KSU Salem recognizes student achievements

Consumers National Bank pledges $25,000 to support KSU’s Rural Scholar Program

MINERVA – Consumers National Bank recently announced that it has pledged $25,000 toward Kent State University’s Rural Scholar Program – a college access program designed to assist first-generation college-bound students from Columbiana County according to President and CEO Ralph J. Lober II at Consumers.

“Consumers is pleased to support the Lisbon students’ participation in the Rural Scholars Program. It is an exceptional educational plan that matches our interest in education and our goal to make a difference in the communities we serve. The Rural Scholar Program will allow more young people and families across Columbiana County to identify with the opportunities available through higher education. The Kent State University Administration, faculty, and students are excited about and committed to this program. We share their enthusiasm and commitment and hope that the bank’s involvement will spur additional community awareness and support for the Rural Scholars Program,” said Lober.

Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Columbiana County campuses, expressed his appreciation for the financial support of Consumers National Bank, noting that whole communities will benefit. “The impact of this contribution will be felt for years to come. As these students reach their potential and achieve their goals, their families and our communities will be the benefactors,” he said. “Kent State University is committed to these students and we want to see them grow into successful professionals. Knowing that Consumers shares this vision means so much and helps validate this program.”

This is the first year that Lisbon students have participated, largely because of additional financial support from the community, particularly Consumers National Bank. “Consumers’ generous contribution means that more than half of Columbiana County school districts are now able to offer their students participation in the Rural Scholars program,” program coordinator Wendy Pfrenger noted. “This additional funding ensures that we will be able to offer the students a greater range of quality workshops and ongoing support from their college mentors. We are so grateful.”

Kent State University’s Rural Scholars Program offers first-generation college-bound students from Columbiana County a college access program designed to give them and their families the knowledge, rigorous academic exposure, and social support they will need to succeed at a world-class university. The program’s goal is for every student who participates to complete post-secondary education with the credentials necessary to succeed in his or her career.