DAHS Junior High Student Senate attends summit brunch

The David Anderson Junior High Student Senate had representatives attend a youth leadership summit brunch recently at the Salem Golf Club. The keynote speaker was Justin Bachman, a sophomore from Solon, who created a Tolerance Fair. He knows first hand what is like to be different. He has Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes his body to make strange movements and noises that he cannot control. He also deals with severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dysgraphia which is a fine motor skills disorder resulting in an inability to write legibly. Representing Lisbon were, first row, from left, Lauryn Todd, Brian Dickson, Eva DeRuyter, Samantha Tinsley; second row, Shyanne Rendziniak, MacKenzie Sturgeon, Serena Underwood, and Megan Graham. (Submitted photo)