Former Salem resident leaves $88,361.63 to Alumni Association

Former Salem resident Jack B. Lozier named the Salem High School Alumni Association the beneficiary of two life insurance policies and two annuities, totaling $88,361.63. Lozier passed away September 10, 2013, in Belle Fourche, SD.

Scholarship Committee Chairman Jean Kiliman Esposito said, “The association is grateful for Mr. Lozier’s thoughtfulness. The monies from these unexpected bequests will benefit Salem High School students and alumni as they seek continuing education.”

Lozier was a 1948 graduate of Salem High School. After graduation, he served in the Navy for nearly eight years including time aboard the aircraft carriers USS Midway and USS Intrepid.

Lozier earned a degree in biology from Colorado State. He taught there and at Eastern Kentucky University before moving in the 1970’s to South Dakota. He was a professor of biology at Black Hills State University until his retirement in 1995.

Lozier, who loved the outdoors, particularly the spruce forests of the Black Hills of South Dakota, was known for his extensive knowledge of wildlife and plants.

His students recall him sharing his enthusiasm and love for biology. Spring breaks were often not vacations but biology field trips such as one to Texas called “In Search of Whooping Cranes.”

“He was one for education. That’s for sure,” said Trudy Lozier Fender ’44, Jack Lozier’s sister, during a phone interview from her home in Florida. Another sister, Laura Bell Lozier Gregory ’42 resides in Pennsylvania. Lozier’s only child, Cynthia Lozier Rath, died in 2006.

Esposito said Lozier will be the donor highlighted during the presentation of the Memorial Book Awards at this year’s association banquet on May 24. Two years ago the book award was created to help more students with their academic expenses.

The Memorial Book Awards honor all donors of at least $10,000 but less than the $100,000 needed for a named scholarship. Although all such donors are recognized, each year one is selected for special mention at the banquet. Earlier highlighted donors were Mary Capel and Dr. Joseph Kelley.

Tickets for the May 24 banquet are $20. They are available until May 16 at the alumni office, 330 E. State Street, from 9 a.m. until noon.

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