Realife Church plans mission to Haiti

SALEM- Realife Church will be taking a missions trip to the country of Haiti Aug. 13 to 20. In 2010 Haiti was devastated by earthquake and has never recovered. Poverty, sickness, and depravity have hit the people of Haiti with devastating effect. Realife Church is partnering with “Mission of Hope” to reach the people of Haiti.

“Mission of Hope” operates an orphanage that houses 65 children, but that is just barely scratching the surface of the need with over 400,000 orphaned children currently living in Haiti. With this in mind, Realife is leading a mission’s team to help them expand this orphanage by the year 2015.

Alongside of this project, Realife will also focus efforts in the town of Leveque, which serves as a safe haven for the deaf community that has been discarded from the Haitian society.